We’re becoming a Full-time RV Family

after becoming parents…

We knew we wanted nothing more than to spend time as a family. Between our day jobs and businesses, we realized that our family time is much less frequent than we’d like. Our days are rushed and busy, instead of intentional. After coming across a family on Instagram who had been traveling the country in a trailer full time or the past 7 years, we started to imagine what that could be like. We started to image what it would be like to be digital nomads.

The more we talked about it, the more we talked ourselves into it. And here we are now, making the decision to change our entire life so we can be together full-time (for better or for worse) and see the beauty this world has to offer.

Along with this process, we are also becoming Family Travel YouTubers where we will be documenting our process as we pursue full-time RV life. Once we hit the road, we will be talking about our adventures on the road. We hope you will join us on our nomad journey!

Our Goal for Full-Time RV Travel:

We plan to hit the road on or before June 1st, 2019.

become nomads

While this may seem like a ways out, we recognize that in order to make this actually work we have to lay a solid foundation so that our travels can be sustainable.


What we need to do to get ready:

Research RVs/Trailers and make a decision on what is best for our family.

Research Tow Vehicles or the vehicle we’ll tow behind our RV.

Make a financial plan and make sure our jobs are location independent (i.e. become digital nomads)

Engage with the current full-time RV Community online.

Decide on a home schooling curriculum.

Research and plan out our travels.

Sell our home or find a renter.

Downsize EVERYTHING as we will be living in about 10% of our current square footage.

Find out all the other things we don’t know we have to do yet.


We’re ready.

Every day that goes on and every step we take towards our goal, confirms our decision to pursue full-time travel. We hope you will join us in our journey!

Are you currently a full-time RVer? If so, we’d love to connect!

Are you in the dreaming and planning phase, like us? Let us know in the comments, because we’d love to do this journey along side you!