Who We Are

We wake up. Head to work. Shuttle the kids around. Work some more. Manage the home. See the kids for 30 minutes. Work some more. Then go to sleep before doing it all over again.

And what for? We already have successful careers and the 4 bedroom house in the suburbs. We’ve done everything the way we were supposed to. This may be the “American dream” but it isn’t our dream.

We want to be a family that brave enough to dream bigger, love harder and take the risks that will change our lives forever. We want to be different.

How about you? What would you do if you knew you could do it? What if you could shake the fear and take that first step towards building the life you’ve always wanted? Starting your business, traveling the world, speaking up for yourself or something you believe in. Nothing worth doing is easy, but you should do it anyway.

Join us as weekly as we start to ditch the so-called American Dream to pursue our dream of seeing America as full-time RVers. We aren’t there yet, but dreams only come true when you take the first step. You’ll see all the steps here. The little ones, the big ones, the backwards ones. One step at a time, we’ll get to where we want to go.

We are Raising Brave.