How to Remove Decals from an RV or Travel Trailer

In this video, I will show you how to remove decals from an RV or travel trailer easily with a $20 heat gun. Watch as I remove the fancy schmancy decals from this 2018 Keystone Bullet 243BHS Travel Trailer.

If you like the clean, minimalist look of a white RV or travel trailer, you are probably wondering how to take all those stickers or decals off, and I will walk you through it in this video. Below I have linked all the tools you will need for this project. Most importantly is the $20 heat gun that will soften up all of the adhesive so you can peel off each decal. This is an easy project, but expect it to take a while. Our rig is 28ft and didn’t have an excessive amount of decals, but it took me around 7 hours. If your RV is longer, older or has more decals, you can expect it to take you longer. Good news is that you don’t need many tools and it doesn't take long to set up, so you can take your time and do it when ever you have a half hour here or there.

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