Minneapolis RV Show Recap

Minneapolis RV Vacation and Camping Show

It's Feb 10th and literally zero degrees right now in Minnesota, but we were able to escape the cold for some massive day-dreaming at a Minneapolis RV show. Even though weather.com says the temperature feels like -9, we were giddy to walk around the Minneapolis RV Vacation and Camping show for hours on-end, checking out every type of camper, trailer, and RV.

We took an absurd amount of pictures & videos, then grabbed every piece of literature available, so drop us a line if you have any questions.

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To save you from a ton of reading & gallery scrolling, we made a short video rundown of the event.


The Minneapolis RV show was are a great way to research in person, as we're sure every RV show is too. There were hundreds of RVs and trailers to walk through to let you check out every detail and get a real feel for every option. In most cases, company employees were there to rep the trailers, so you could talk to someone. We didn't actually talk to many people because the feel was more important to us. We did have a couple questions in a couple trailers about towing, so having a rep nearby was extremely helpful.

Even though we mentioned it at the end of the video, we've decided that a Class C RV or an Airstream trailer would best fit our needs. They at least had to best feeling to us during our many walk-throughs, which is very important.

That's all we've got now. More to come!