Our Average Day

Digital Nomads, Not Yet Nomad

We're a year and half a way. That's a lot of days. Thankfully our dreams, which require a lot of adjustments, planning, and logistics. For example, still no truck.

We are currently living the “American Dream” but OUR real dream is to be a full-time RV family where we can spend time together every day. 

Here's our average day...

We all know the “American Dream” well. Go to college, get a good job, get married, get a big home, have babies and then keep working to make more money to have all of the things our neighbors have.

We’ve achieved this so-called “American Dream” and it is nothing it’s cracked up to be. It keeps us from being together as a family. Every day is the same and we know as our kids get older the pressures will only get worse.

Our dream is to become nomads. Get rid of the house, the fancy job and most of our things so we can hit the road and travel full-time as a family. We will work, live and learn from an RV.

It was important to use that we share our average day in our traditional suburban life so when we hit the road, we can have a stark comparison. Does your life look the way you want it to or are you just trudging along in the grind like us?