Meet The Family From Raising Brave

Welcome to Raising Brave!

Welcome to the Raising Brave website and blog. You may have realized it by now, but the purpose of this site and the content we make is to inspire people to face their fears and take action in spite of them, plus journal our own journey along the way. Honestly, our lives are great. We both have amazing and interesting jobs in exciting fields. We have beautiful children. We have the house in the burbs. However, we want more and we want more together. You're going to see a lot of us on YouTube, Patreon, and Instagram. You'll see our personalities, our failures, our fun, and our desire to leave our suburban home to travel fulltime as a digital nomad family. This is us.


Here's a more detailed, but still brief, look at our family.

Sarah Jean

Sarah Jean is the brains behind it all. Her energy is obvious and her love for helping people is palpable. There are many needs in the world and Sarah is one of the few people in the world who truly tries to help each one. From trying to save rhinos or wild cats to providing food and clean water to communities in Africa, Sarah busts her butt working with a diverse set of organizations as their auctioneer. Yes, you read that right. She's the machine-gun fast-talking person who engages crowds and gets them to buy things at large gala fundraisers for their keynote auctions.

Sarah has been running her own business as a fundraising event auctioneer for 10 years and has non-profit relationships all over the country. If you're reading this and you run a non-profit, drop her a note about your next event. Her consulting and auctioneering have been invaluable to hundreds of organizations, most of which are multi-year relationships.

In addition to being a truly successful Mompreneur, she also started the blogging and social community Momming Is Hard. Pregnancy is hard. Being a mom is hard. However, the nature of the internet and social media tells people to only share their best, so unreasonable expectations are set for moms. EVERY moment of EVERY day needs to be a magically positive experience full of patience and learning... NOPE. Momming is hard! The community fosters real grace and support, real moments that are relatable, and an "it's ok, you're doing great, Momma!" Type of environment.

It's been wildly successful in supporting women through hard times.

Sarah is not only those amazing things, but she's immensely creative, a fun firecracker, and a total babe.


Nate is the INTJ, Enneagram 5, father and husband of our family. If you can't already tell, he's an introvert, but he's goofy. He's our goofy introvert. He even has a chatty streak if you find yourself being one of the lucky few he'll open up around. He is the exact opposite of Sarah's enthusiastic energy. Despite that, Nate and Sarah are perfect for each other. 

He is advertising and currently works at a swanky ad agency in downtown Minneapolis. Nate works on the media side of the agency world, which means his job is to literally spend money on behalf of his clients. Seriously. He says his job is just like the show Mad Men, except everyone has traded suits & skirts for laptops. If anyone is interested, he runs all of the ads on Google and gets people to buy things. That and he's the guy who puts ads in front of the videos you want to watch on YouTube, as well as the banners on the internet that you don't click, except he swears they work. Whatever. You can visit his personal site for dorky info and to even try hiring him. 

Nate also loves brewing beer and playing one of his several guitars. He says his favorite place is in our music nook in our upstairs, which is loaded with at least 4 guitars, a banjo, a ukelele, and all the pedals every plugged into a heavy amp. And books. And cute pictures. Ok, it sounds like a good spot. He claims it's his favorite spot, but he can also be found in front of the stove making beer with his dad while listening to Led Zeppelin. 

There's more to him than beer and advertising. If you're interested, follow him on Twitter for more comments about beer and advertising. Or don't. 


Our son, Titus, is curious and has a tender heart with people. He is 4 years old, but he has a deep sense of empathy that lets him connect with others. He's only 4! Since before he could walk, he has been fascinated with how things work. He's the exact kid those experience walls are made for and we have spent many hours watching him figure things out. We wouldn't be surprised if this kid spent all his time later in a bike shop or building the next thing for Elon Musk.

Titus has an insatiable appetite for learning and it goes beyond simply how something works. He learned the alphabet and how to count before he could say a full sentence and devours books like nothing we've seen. Preschool has been a time he looks forward to and he loves being around his little friends and learning new things together. Though he loves learning, he learns quickly. So quickly that he gets bored. He can get annoyed with other kids if they struggle to not keep up with him, but this actually brings out an amazing quality in him. When he learns something, he loves it so much that he can't help but teach people about it too. He is constantly telling us about bugs, trees, words, and volcanos. Oh yeah, he loves volcanos. Loves them! He goes beyond standard kid-level details, though, and teaches us actual facts we don't know. He is unreal.

Beyond that, Titus is much like Nate. They both see the world the same way, have similar personalities, are both introverts, and both love cheeseburgers and fries, and both love books.


Our girl, Cecilia, is 2.5ft force to be reckoned with, the epitome of joy, and loves nothing more than making people smile and laugh. Ok, she loves her JellyCat Hippo and the color purple more than anything, but she also loves making people laugh.

Cecie is already one of the most charismatic people we've ever encountered. She immediately owns ever room she walks into and everyone else knows it. Her knack for grabbing attention is incredible, but more beyond that, what she does with that attention is incredible. She of course knows she's cute, but her attention is never about her, she uses it to say or do something to make the people watching her laugh. She may shout something silly or do a funny dance or pretend to fall, whatever it takes, she'll do it until they're beaming at her. Pretend falling always works.

Similar to Titus, she seems to already have a strong sense of empathy and how to read people. She also knows that most people need a simple smile and "Hi!" to brighten their day. She acts as a constant reminder to us that joy can be contagious.

You'd be lucky to meet and spend time with these kids. We truly hope you're lucky enough to do so someday. We hope to see you on the road, but feel truly lucky to connect with you online.

Please always feel free to connect with us in any way - comments, direct messages, videos, tweets, texts, whatever - we will respond to everything.

Thank you for following us on our journey.