5 Types of RVs for Fulltime Family Travel

There are plenty of versions of RVs and trailers. However, we realized that only 5 of the versions would be right for our family.

Here's the YouTube rundown.


We're searching for the right RV or travel trailer for full-time family travel. We took the kids to check out 5 types of rigs that would be great options for full-time RV travel.

We are spending a lot of our time researching rigs and visiting RV shows these days. There are so many options to choose from and they all meet different needs. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to do when are full-timers which has helped us narrow down our options. We wanted to walk through some of the more popular types of RVs and trailers to compare features and the type of lifestyle they would offer.

In this video, we explore a 24 ft Class C RV, 28 ft travel trailer, 36 ft Class A RV, a fifth wheel and a toy hauler. If you are new to this, like us, we hope this is helpful. If you are an experienced RVr, we’d love to hear what RIG you have and where you go with it in your travels!