Shopping for a Vintage Airstream: Know Your Deal Breakers

We love Airstreams, but we're not handy for a '65

If you are like us and have a love for airstreams but don’t have a $100K sitting around, you have likely thought about buying a vintage airstream too. We found a 1965 Overlander for sale at the Minnesota Airstream Park and went to see if it was the right fit for our full-time family RV travels.

This video takes a look at the Overlander and some of the things we needed to think about as we considered the purchase. Being a 1965 travel trailer, we did not expect it to be perfect or for everything to work. We know that many things would need to be replaced, updated or fixed. Before looking at the Rig, we did a ton of research. A TON! We read the book “How to buy an Airstream” which you can find right here on Amazon (it’s $2.99 right now and will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in mistakes).

We also really liked the blog post by Sheena and Jason of Mavis the Airstream about How to Buy a Vintage Airstream. Her information was very digestible and was a great addition to the book we read. You can find her post right here.

For the price point (which was $20K for the airstream and the lot at the airstream park), we were willing to put in about an additional $10K of renovations. Knowing that was our price point, we had to know what some things cost and what things would be deal breakers. The biggest issues would be any damage to the frame, underbelly, major water damage or floor rot because any of those could be multiple thousands of dollars to fix. Those were our deal breakers. Things that we were willing to fix were things like tires, windows, electrical, water piping or anything cosmetic. In the video we’ll show you what we found.

We also walk you though the Minnesota Airstream Park which was pretty magical. If you live in Minnesota and have an airstream, you NEED a space here. If you are out of state and are driving through Minnesota, you need to rent a space for a couple days because everyone is so nice and they will suck you into their darling Airstream community. It’s like an Airstream Rally that lasts from April through November.

If you are an Airstream fan like us, you may also need this for your lapel, because it’s just so cute you may literally die.

See you on the road!!