Why we got a Nissan Armada as our Tow Vehicle

It's a strong SUV, not a truckĀ 

As we research full-time RV-ing in a travel trailer, we quickly learned we needed a tow vehicle with real power. After a lot of overwhelm and research, we landed on a 2017 Nissan Armada to tow our future home on wheels.

We initially were going to get a much bigger (read: heavier) travel trailer, but have decided to get something smaller like a 28 ft bunkhouse with a dry weight of somewhere between 4,500-6,000lb depending on what model we choose. As soon as we realized our totally weight would fall under 7,500 (as opposed to 11,000lb) our options for tow vehicles opened up a lot.

We thought about getting a truck, but decided an SUV would be more practical for our family as we will be using this as a primary car for the next year and hopefully outside of traveling. After researching SUVs and towing capacity stuff, we found that the Nissan Armada was far ahead of other brands in towing capacity with a whopping 8,500lb Towing Capacity.

We found a used 2017 Armada at a local dealership and jumped on it. Next up: our travel trailer.