Update on Fulltime RV Goals & Launching Enamel Pins

Starting Side-Hustle to Fulltime RV 

We are making progress on our goal of becoming a full-time RV Family and are announcing one new business that will help us make money during our full-time travel. Check out our new line of enamel pins and hear what’s next on our journey towards becoming nomads.

We knew this process would take a long time. There is a reason we set our launch date as June 1st, 2019. Some weeks not much progress is made towards our goals, but other weeks it seems like much more falls in line.

Since the beginning of the year, I (Sarah) have been working on a line of enamel pins which I designed for people who have whimsy and wandering on their mind. For me this line represents my goal of hitting the road fulltime, but for others it may represent their nomadic life of adventure and celebrate each new step of bravery they take. Check out our easy shop here to shop specific pins: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RaisingBrave

We also want to keep you posted on some of the goals we mentioned in this video. We announce what our next step is (it’s BIG, guys) and talk about what RV we REALLY want vs. what we will actually get. The kids wanted in on this video too, so I have some bloopers in there for you in the very end.